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А знаешь ли ты, что в Англии «даже киски мяукают по-английски»? Кстати, не только киски. Сравни звуки некоторых животных на английском языке со звуками на русском языке:
The bear says: gr-gr-gr.
The bee says: z-z-z.
The crow says: caw, caw.
The chick says: cheep-cheep.
The cow says: moo-moo.
The rooster says: cock-a-doodle-doo, crow-crow.
The dog says: bow-vow, arf-arf.
The cat (kitten) says: meaou, neaou, mew-mew.
The duck (duckling) says: quack-quack.
The elephant says: ugh, ugh.
The frog says: quack-quack, krik-krik.
The hog says: grunt-grunt.
The kangaroo says: r-r-r.
The lambkin says: ba-a-ba-a.
The lion says: r-r-r.
The owl says: to-who.
The pig says: oink, oink, squeal-squel.
The puppy says: bow-vow.
The snakes says: ch-ch.
The squirell says: keooo-keooo.
The ship says: ba-a-ba-a.
The wolf says: puff-puff.
The mouse says: squeak-squeak.
The bell says: ding-dong.
The car says: z-z-z
The bird says: wee-tweet-tweet.


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Enough is as good as a feast.

- От добра добра не ищут.

. Every bird likes its own nest.

- Всяк кулик свое болото хвалит.

Every day is not Sunday.

- Не всё коту масленица.